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At Karate For Youth, your child's success is our top priority!

We are open Monday - Friday from 7:30am-6:45pm and welcome children from 3 months - 5 years old.

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3 - 17 months old


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31 months - 5 years old

At Karate For Youth, we offer a full curriculum, supporting all developmental domains and preparing children for kindergarten and beyond.

Social Emotional Skills

At Karate For Youth Child Care Center, we recognize that each child is an individual, with his or her own unique skills and interests. We believe in providing a personalized approach to early childhood education. Our highly trained teachers take the time to get to know each individual child. We work hard to foster meaningful relationships amongst the children and between teachers and students. Knowing that strong social emotional skills are the keys to a child's success, we ensure that children at Karate For Youth have endless opportunities to build self-confidence, independence, a strong sense of self-worth, and the ability to build and maintain strong friendships that can last a lifetime.

Physical Skills

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills, the ability to control and successfully utilize one's larger muscles, are vital to many experiences children will have in their future, both in and out of school, such as playing on the playground, participating in sports, riding a bicycle and sitting at a desk. We provide daily opportunities for children to play outside and to build these essential skills.

Our preschool children are able to sign up for weekly karate classes which are incorporated into the day.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills, the ability to both identify and control small objects with one's hands, are critical for many tasks such as writing, drawing, picking up dropped Cheerios and finding pennies in your pocket. We support the development of fine motor skills by providing hands on experiences such as drawing, painting, cutting and using stickers, and sensory experiences such as playing with finger paint, sand and water.

Language & Literacy Skills

Literacy Skills

At Karate For Youth, we foster a love of reading and a familiarity with the alphabet at a developmentally appropriate level. We encourage the development of literacy skills by reading to children regularly, both individually and in groups, and by having books accessible throughout our days. We model reading and writing throughout our interactions with the children, seamlessly demonstrating the importance of literacy through daily activities.

Language Skills

Young children develop language skills at a remarkable rate and we provide opportunities to help them do so. We facilitate the growth of spoken language through speaking with the children and through actively encouraging them to speak with each other. We ask for their opinions, model patterns of conversation, ask them questions and utilize descriptive language to help them begin to label items and feelings.

Cognitive Skills


The world is filled with opportunities for exploration and the development of scientific knowledge. At Karate For Youth, children learn about science throughout our days, including through gardening, cooking, mixing colors, observing the changes of the seasons and the growth of our plants. We know that the world is theirs to discover, and we provide our children with the opportunities to do so.

Problem Solving

One of the key aspects of cognitive development is the ability to analyze and solve problems. Children learn these skills through play as they solve puzzles, figure out how to make their block tower stand, and experiment with different materials. At Karate For Youth, we encourage our children to ask questions, and to help discover the answers themselves.


At Karate For Youth, we recognize the opportunity to develop math skills through play. Children learn by counting the people and items they come in contact with throughout their days - blocks, each other, the number of chairs at the table... We also teach numbers by singing songs, doing puzzles and reading books with numbers in them.

Health & Nutrition

Daily Rest Time

All children are provided daily rest time so they can prepare for an afternoon of active learning and play. Infants sleep on demand, and all other children have a designated rest time. Children who do not sleep are allowed to play quietly on their cots.

Healthy Snacks & Meals

Karate For Youth participates in the Child & Adult Food Care Program (CACFP), a federal program which provides free or reduced price meals to children in our center whose families qualify based on federally determined financial guidelines.

We serve a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack every day. CACFP meals reflect current guidance from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Meal patterns reflect evidence-based nutrition science, include diverse and culturally appropriate foods, and address the dietary needs of children.