Summer Camp

Summer is fun at Karate For Youth's Summer Camp!

Starting in summer of 2024

Click HERE to learn about, and register for, our 2023 summer camp at our other location - Destined For Greatness!

Trips to the Park

Swimming Twice a Week

Field Trips

Our Summer Camp is for children 5 - 13 years old. Camp meets from 8:00am-5:45pm Monday - Friday and runs each summer. Our campers practice leadership skills - taking turns as the elected leaders of their camp groups. Each week, campers have the opportunity to earn points for everything from singing contests, to crazy laugh competitions, push up battles and basketball games. The group that earns the most points wins the Treat of the Week.

Monday - Thursday, our days begin with our First Step Indoor Exercise Program, preparing the children for our Karate Fridays! Throughout the day, we engage in hip hop, acting, swimming, picnics and field trips. We teach organization skills and practice getting focused on cue. Each Friday, the children vote for the next week's team leader.

Campers receive breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack each day through the CACFP program.

Destined For Greatness Summer Camp 2023 will run at our other location from June 26 - August 31, 2023